8. Trials and Tribble-ations (5.06)

Synopsis: When Temporal Investigations arrives on Deep Space 9, Sisko recounts how he and the crew of the Defiant traveled back in time to the 23rd century to prevent the assassination of Captain James T. Kirk during the original Enterprise‘s mission to Space Station K-7.

Memory Alpha SummaryA creature that mates more than Riker!

Review: Every time I watch this episode I feel giddy. I don’t particularly enjoy watching TOS, but always enjoyed The Trouble with Tribbles. Plus, you can tell how much fun and energy everyone on the cast and crew had with making this.

Every scene where members of DS9 are in the same shot as Kirk and company is just marvelous, and Worf having to try to explain why Klingons looked so different a hundreds years back is hilarious. Bashir saying, “I’m a doctor, not an historian,” is an example of one of the small touches that makes this episode joyful. Dax having connections as well (as she was alive at the time) makes sense and adds to the plot. I’m not sure it was necessary to wrap the whole story around an investigation by temporal investigations, but perhaps they needed to add some inexpensive fluff given how far over budget they went.

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