7. Crossover (2.23)

Synopsis: An accident inside the wormhole sends Kira and Bashir into the “mirror universe”, where Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans rule over their Human slaves.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe fairest of them all

Review: A continuation of the episode Mirror, Mirror from TOS, and what a freaking brilliant idea. Where as TNG would pay homage to the original series, or bring back characters, DS9 actually honors it by further promoting those storylines.  

These alternate characters are all compelling. Nana Visitor shines in her role as the narcissistic seductress, playing it to a tee. Sisko is great as the annoyed, brutal mercenary. O’Brien is great as the abused version of himself. I’m kind of glad Odo was killed off right away. His character is developed so richly beginning in season 3 with the Dominion that having an alternate Odo character to develop in the alternate universe would have muddied things up.

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