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Eminem — Lose Yourself

Year: 2002

It was hard to pick an Eminem song. Rap God is meticulously great rapping and I also love the rhymes of Without Me, but I’m not going to belt out the other F word while singing along. Martika’s chorus on Like Toy Soldiers is lovely but I’m not super into songs about drama with other singers. I dig Higher and I like how each verse gets progressively more complex, fitting the theme of the song.

Ultimately, going with the most popular song. I love how Eminem will take words or phrases that aren’t perfect rhymes but he makes them work with his inflection.

But I kept rhymin’ and stepped right in the next cypher
Best believe somebody’s payin’ the Pied Piper
All the pain inside amplified by the
Fact that I can’t get by with my nine to
Five and I can’t provide the right type of
Life for my family ’cause man, these goddamn food stamps don’t buy diapers
And its no movie, there’s no Mekhi Phifer

The only perfect rhyme there is “cypher” and “Phifer.”

Alecia Elliott — Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Year: 2000

I might be the only person who finds this version of the song to be their favorite. And I’ll listen to it any time of year.

Alecia Elliott released her first album in 2000 at the age 17 and her second one at age 37. I owned the first one and bought it for “I’m Diggin’ It.” Love her voice but the material on the first album was mostly shit. It tried to capture the pop-crossover appeal of Shania Twain but, yeah, it didn’t work.