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56: Cooleyhighharmony (Boyz II Men)

Album: Cooleyhighharmony
Artist: Boyz II Men
Year: 1991

1. Please Don’t Go
2. Lonely Heart
3. This is My Heart
4. Uhh Ahh
5. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
6. Motownphilly
7. Under Pressure
8. Sympin’
9. Little Things
10. Your Love

The debut album for the proteges of Bel Biv Devoe, Boyz II Men burst onto the pop charts with (appropriately) some really awesome harmonies. To be honest, their lyrics rarely do much for me, and many of their ballads are very simplistic. But damn if I don’t find myself swaying to their velvet voices in This is My Heart or beat the steering wheel during Motownphilly. Yesterday is a bit overrated for me, but still solid. And Under Pressure, as they explicitly state in the intro, is a pretty great example of them blending harmony with hip hop.

Interestingly, the album is divided into slow songs in the first half, and up-tempo songs in the second half. I’m not sure that would work for every album, but it seems appropriate here.

I didn’t care much for their sophomore album, though I did dig their duet with Mariah Carey, at least the first eighty-thousand times I heard it.