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64: This Time (Dwight Yoakam)

Album: This Time
Artist: Dwight Yoakam
Year: 1993

1. Pocket of a Clown
2. A Thousand Miles from Nowhere
3. Home for Sale
4. This Time
5. Two Doors Down
6. Ain’t That Lonely Yet
7. King of Fools
8. Fast as You
9. Try Not to Look So Pretty
10. Wild Ride
11. Lonesome Roads

Dwight takes the best of Buck Owens’ sound and makes it more palatable for my generation. Unfortunately, his songwriting often lacks anything special. Most of his albums have one to three pretty good songs and a lot of boring filler. My two favorite songs of his (Sorry You Asked? and Nothing) appear on the album Gone, but not much else does. This Time, however, is pretty consistent from beginning to end.

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere is a powerful ballad that is easily the highlight here. Fast as You emphasizes Dwight’s sultry voice that made the ladies go crazy twenty years ago. Pocket of a Clown is a fun, whimsical tune.  Try Not to Look So Pretty is also a very pleasant song. The rest are nothing special, but are easy sing-a-longers that haven’t begged me to skip them. If you ever wanted to check him out, this album is a pretty good representation of what he has to offer. Or you can you watch him beat his wife in Sling Blade. He’s good at that, too.