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39: All the Pain Money Can Buy (Fastball)

Album: All the Pain Money Can Buy
Artist: Fastball
Year: 1998

1. The Way
2. Fire Escape
3. Better Than It Was
4. Which Way to the Top?
5. Sooner or Later
6. Warm Fuzzy Feeling
7. Slow Drag
8. G.O.D. (Good Old Days)
9. Charlie, the Methadone Man
10. Out of My Head
11. Damaged Goods
12. Nowhere Road
13. Sweetwater, Texas

I bought this album after hearing and enjoying The Way and Fire Escape. I quickly grew to like Out of My Head but it was then subsequently overplayed on the radio. I still listen to the album because the non-singles are so darn consistent.

Warm Fuzzy Feeling is probably the shortest song on this countdown that is oranged up, clocking in at just under two minutes. Catchy, and lyrically interesting.  Sweetwater, Texas is a beautiful, haunting ballad and rounds out the rest of the album well.

I’m trying to figure out why Good Old Days is abbreviated G.O.D., since the initials are never used in the song (unlike P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson). Is it just a God reference? I’m generally not a fan of parentheticals in song titles as they just become unnecessarily unwieldy, and it makes even less sense here.