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70: Whisper (Latona’s Thirst)

Album: Whisper
Artist: Latona’s Thirst
Year: 2002

1. Whisper
2. Sometimes, Especially
3. You Wonder
4. Place of Error
5. Apartment Song
6. Claustrophobic
7. Reach
8. Kinda Tired
9. The One I Know
10. Wake to Sleep
11. Once More

Twin sisters Jennifer and Sarah Schroerlucke went to Hamline University and so did my friend Nick, so I got introduced to their band a couple times. They have a pretty quiet sound, harmonizing on most tracks with a barely perceptible band in the background. The songs are for the most part either about angsty relationships or highly allegorical musings about how our bodies and our lives are imperfect vessels until we get to Heaven. While I don’t particularly identify with much they’re singing about, it’s all pretty pleasant.

While none of these songs are strong enough to merit a hot rating, there’s nothing that stands out for the wrong reasons either. My favorites are tracks 1, 2, 3, and 7 for those scoring at home. I may not listen Whisper as often as say, Crash, but it’s nice to be able to pop in an album and not have to skip anything. They parted ways with their band before releasing another album and haven’t done much else besides releasing a 4-song EP in 2004. They’re also apparently no longer thirsty, as they’re now just called Latona.