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2. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy III SNES Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1994
Platform: SNES, GBA, Playstation, PS3, PSP, Wii, Android

I got this for Christmas shortly after it came out, but didn’t play it for two months as I also received Link to the Past. I think that easily qualifies as the most bang for buck Christmas ever as a child. Other than Tecmo Super Bowl, I have never spent more time playing a video game. While this no doubt  influenced the ranking, I can’t help but feel nothing but love for this game despite all of its obvious problems.

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3. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger SNES Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1995
Platform: SNES, DS, Playstation, PS3, PSP, Wii, iPhone, Android

I heard how awesome this game was for five years before I finally put some serious cash down for it on eBay. It blew away all expectation I had. While the characters are only about average as far as RPGs go, it has my favorite battle system and an incredible plot that spans multiple timelines with significant choices the player can make to alter events.

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5. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX PlayStation Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 2000
Platform: Playstation, PS3, PSP

The last RPG I played, I consumed it during a one-month period in 2011 when I was unemployed. I rejoined the workforce completely satisfied. Getting away from the futuristic, steampunk atmospheres from the previous two games, Square returned to its roots with classic characters and a classic battle system that is the most user-friendly since Final Fantasy IV.

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7. Final Fantasy Legend II

Final Fantasy Legend II Game Boy Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1991
Platform: Game Boy

It’s hard to say a game with a Final Fantasy name is unheralded, but in 1991, there had only been two games released in North America with the name.   Those two were the original game for the NES, and the dreadfully dull, long, and difficult first game in the Legend series. Square had yet to release Final Fantasy II in America (also, not much of a loss).  So the name in 1991 wasn’t an automatic gold mine. It wasn’t until IV and VI came out that RPGs became a huge thing in America, and then of course with VII things really exploded.

Despite hating the first game in the series, I loved RPGs and asked for this game anyway. And I’m very glad I did.

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9. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1997
Platform: Playstation, PS3, PSP, Windows

I got this game for Windows shortly after it came out, but my computer wasn’t strong enough to handle it. So I returned it and bough a bunch of You Don’t Know Jack games. Yeah.

Anyway, I eventually borrowed this game from a friend and the Playstation from my brother and fell completely in love with the game. I’m a sucker for anti-heroes, and Cloud was a perfect character to express my teen angst. I’ve fallen out of love with it a little bit over the years due to the poor graphics and the poor final chapter of the game. Continue reading 9. Final Fantasy VII

12. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross PlayStation Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1999
Platform: Playstation, Playstation 3, PSP

I never finished Chrono Cross thanks due to a bug (either with the game or with my disc) that left me perpetually stuck in one area. I thought about not ranking this game, but from what I played, I know I would rank it at least this high. Perhaps if I finished it (which I won’t, I’m sure) it would rank higher. Regardless, it’s a nice follow-up to Chrono Trigger that excels in everything except that I never felt fully engaged with the story.

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20. The Final Fantasy Legend

The Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy Front Cover

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Year: 1989
Platform: Game  Boy

The first game in the SaGa series was the first ever handheld RPG and sold incredibly well, thanks in part to rebranding it as a Final Fantasy game stateside. However, there is really no reason other than nostalgia to play this game, partly due to its difficulty but mostly due to the general ennui the game elicits.

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