26: The Drumhead (4.21)

Synopsis:  McCarthyism, circa 2367.

Memory Alpha Summary:  With the first link, the chain is forged.

Review:  I am so glad they waited until season four to do something like this.  Had this been set in season one, the preachy factor would have been through the roof.  As it stands, Picard realizes that humans are still capable of yielding to their most destructive fears, even in the 24th century.  Jean Simmons is an awesome guest star.  And while Earl Billings doesn’t even get a line as Admiral Henry, his role is awesome as well.  Courtroom scenes can be so gauche, yet the writers here pull out another gem, partly because they knew to give all the best lines to Picard.  It’s not quite as emotional as in Measure of a Man, but it’s more realistic and perhaps more relevant to our times.

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