4: Timescape (6.25)

Synopsis:  The Enterprise and some Romulans go two steps forward and two steps back.

Memory Alpha Summary: Gotta go back in time!

Review: Dammit all, I love creepy Trek episodes.  This one has the general feel of Where Silence Has Lease, only it’s better written and better directed.  We have a magnificent teaser, with Riker giving Spot to Dr. Crusher…as well as a phaser.  The conversation the four senior staff have on the shuttlecraft is just a delight.  It couldn’t have happened in season two.  Now, these actors are so comfortable with each other that it actually feels like they’re good friends having a relaxed conversation.  Seeing Picard openly mock someone is great too, as it’s another time with his guard down.

You know how much I love this episode?  I wrote a whole damn paragraph on the teaser and I didn’t even mention time freezing.  The entire story is magnificent.  So many great visuals as well.  Staff frozen in an apparent battle (that isn’t).  Crusher frozen as a phaser blast hits her at point blank range.  Staff frozen in a Jeffries tube.  A warp core breach frozen. Then we have a hilarious moment where Picard is so delusional he draws a smiley face in the warp core breach.

Then, when time is fast forwarded, the Enterprise exploding, then unexploding.

I also remember when I first saw this episode, I FREAKED when the fake Romulan came to life and electrocuted Geordi.  Just a perfect shot.

The only problem I see, which took me watching this episode nine times to realize, is that the fake Romulan admits to attacking the Enterprise after they start the power transfer.  This alien DIES.  Then when time restarts again, Data can’t shut down the power transfer.  Yet the Romulan ship fires on the Enterprise again.  Who is doing that?  The alien is dead.  The other alien is on the Enterprise, unconscious.  And the embryo in the Romulan warp core are probably not capable.  Ah well.  Great stuff.

2 thoughts on “4: Timescape (6.25)”

  1. He admits to attacking after the power transfer? I was always under the impression that the attack had been started already and there was no undoing it… it’s been a while, so I’m probably just misremembering. Whatever. This is an awesome episode. Hard to believe it was just an hour (this wasn’t a 2 parter, right?), so much good stuff crammed in.

    1. indeed. The Romulan warbird experiences engine failure. The Enterprise responds to the distress call. They start a power transfer while beaming Romulans aboard that have been injured. This transfer hurts the young of the alien species. Their, uh, dad attacks the Enterprise in order to stop the power transfer. He even says “must stop power transfer.”

      Then Dad dies after electrocuting Geordi and telling them the above.

      Then they rewind time before the power transfer begins. Data’s unable to stop the power transfer because he’s attacked by Mom. Mom goes unconscious but Data can’t stop the power transfer. So, he puts a containment field around the warp core and Picard uses the runabout to stop the power transfer. Meanwhile, the warbird is attacking the Enterprise until the power transfer is stopped.

      Perhaps the embryo in the warbird engine core are doing the attacking?

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