3: The Inner Light (5.25)

Synopsis: Picard keeps forgetting to put his shoes away

Memory Alpha Summary: Make now always the most precious time.  Now will never come again.

Review:  Season five ended with a slew of awesome episodes, but The Inner Light is simply transcendent.  Once you get past the fact that this probe is amazingly advanced considering where the Kataan are technologically, it’s a roller coaster emotional ride that is hard to believe was done in just forty-two minutes.  I cry every time Kamin asks Eline if he can build a nursery.  The realization that Picard was gone for just twenty minutes yet has fifty year-old memories of another person could have been ruined in the hands of another actor.  Ending the episode with Picard playing the flute he didn’t know how to play thirty minutes ago is a solemnly perfect ending.  I get chills every time.

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