Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Year:  1990

Reason It Could Make Top 100: I’ve played it for about an hour, and I was impressed with what I saw.  It’s not The Legend of Zelda as far as action RPGs go, but it was still engaging.

Reason It’s Not There Yet:  By the time I played it I wasn’t engaged enough to slog through a long game.  But I have little doubt had I finished it, I could find a spot for it in the list.  In fact, this game makes pretty much all top 100 lists that are out there, and is sometimes in the top 25.

Questions for Readers:  Is there enough here to warrant playing when there are more modern RPGs I would rather play?

Okay, enough stalling.  Game #100 will appear on Monday!

8 thoughts on “Crystalis”

  1. This one has a pretty strong reputation among my friends, but I’ve only played it for about an hour as well. I liked it.

  2. I too played this for about an hour on an emulator, and I liked it. I could swear I started playing it because you recommended it to me, just assumed it was cause you played it through. Not sure why I stopped. Probably time constraints.

  3. I do remember playing this one through and the story for an NES game is pretty good. There are some obscure moments where you don’t know where to go or what item to use, but it is a damn good NES adventure overall. Definitely worthy of the top 100.

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