100: Bubble Bobble

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Year: 1988

Basic Idea:  You defeat enemies by blowing bubbles and capturing them inside said bubbles.  Then you stomp on them, collect some power-ups, and do it about another 100 times.

Review: I admit I have never played this game with two people, which I hear is where most of the fun lies.  As a 1-player game, it’s a little repetitive.  Not nearly as much as Pac-Man, but it’s still a bit simplistic for my tastes.  The graphics are distinct but drab, and the repetitive music doesn’t hold me either.  That said, it is easy to learn, with responsive controls and an appropriate difficulty curve.  I’ll take it for granted (especially since this game often hits top ten lists) that the game is pretty awesome with two people.

5 thoughts on “100: Bubble Bobble”

  1. Oddly – even odder than the fact that I woke up at 4:15 this morning – I only played this game for the first time a couple of years ago. I liked it fairly well and I think I would have played through it on the NES, but sitting at the comp on the emulator 20 years later, it got old fast. It’s definitely built for a generation earlier than it actually came out, when games had an impossibly small amount of memory to work with.

    1. Good point about the generation thing. It has a very early 80’s feel to it.

      The sequel, Rainbow Island, is much better as far as graphics and diversity, but just too bizarre to enjoy. You shoot rainbows instead of bubbles, and the hit detection is confusing.

  2. I dunno. I like this game and every once in a while will dust it off and play. It’s similar to Bejewelled, so if you like puzzle games, then you may like Bubble Bobble. Plus, who couldn’t just love Bub and Bob?

    1. Welcome, Hecubus!

      If I didn’t like the game a little bit, it wouldn’t make the Top 100. After all, there are over 700 games for the system. I do love the fact that some of the enemy names in the games indicate addiction to alcohol.

      I love puzzle games, and you’ll definitely see some on the list.

  3. Every time I start to play this game, it feels like a top 20…..for about 15 levels.

    The gameplay, while excellent, gets repetitive very quickly.

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