9: Fire ‘N Ice

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Year: 1993

Basic Idea:  She loves ice, she loves ice not.

Review: If you like puzzles, you have to play this game.  If you like Adventures of Lolo, you have to play this game.  If you like iced tea, you have to play this game.  If you think fire was a good idea for civilization, you have to play this game.

The sequel to Solomon’s Key, Fire ‘N Ice makes its predecessor obsolete.  And Tecmo did it by simplifying everything.  You still play as Dana, saving the world or something, going level to level. Your only goal is to get rid of the fire on each level.  You do this by creating blocks of ice (or melting blocks of ice) and pushing them into the flames.  The learning curve is pitch perfect.  The first world is very easy as you get used to how the game works, and it gradually gets to the point where you’ll be replaying the same levels ten, twenty, thirty times in order to figure things out.

Over 100 levels await.  Like a good book, I did virtually nothing until I completed it, and I still come back to it every couple of years.  It’s that damn addicting.  There’s even a level editor if you’re into that sort of thing.  Fire ‘N Ice is still my favorite puzzle game of all-time.

4 thoughts on “9: Fire ‘N Ice”

  1. I didn’t even know there was a sequel to Solomon’s Key. And if I had, I wouldn’t have figured it to be called Fire ‘N Ice.

    Alright, I guess it’s another to add to the queue.

    1. It was called Solomon’s Key 2 in Europe. I think Nintendo of America went with the right decision, considering the sequel has no keys, the original wasn’t that popular, and the title they picked pretty much describes the game.

  2. Awesome game, and yes, highly addictive! I have to get that back on my computer. I was having problems with it at one point, kept locking up on me. I wish they would come out with a Fire ‘n Ice version for the DS!

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