Play With The Prose II, Challenge 15: Christmas Carol Ghosts

For the final week of the regular season, we had to write a story that involved the aftermath for one or more of the Christmas Carol ghosts.  I decided to delve more into the private life of one of them.

Ghost Bar had been a respite.  Nowadays, every two-bit ghost and his uncle wanted their future told.  Inky and Clyde kept to themselves, but Casper was incorrigible.  Every night: Yes, you’ll always be friendly; No, never with Ricci.

“This one’s on the house.”  The bartender opened a beer, nodding at the door.

He looked behind him.  Patrick Swayze.  Shit.

MATTHEW: So Ghost Bar is becoming….Ghost ROAD HOUSE? Story 2 made me laugh, and I liked the way it played with the idea of downtime for ghosts. That’s an angle I wasn’t anticipating. But there was something very sweetly melancholy about the way Story 1 posed Xmas Past as a ghost who wanted to make up for the job he’d been saddled with the rest of the year. Tugged at my heartstrings, it did. WINNER: #1

Novak – Dang, these are some good stories.  #1 gives some serious new weight to an already weighty character.  And it’s fun to boot!  #2 is so chock full of references that it makes any of those Scary Movie/Epic Movie/Date Movie movies look like they’re trying to be original comedy.  But for as fun as it is, it doesn’t bring the new, like #1 does, so #1 is my winner.

ANDY: This seems like a great theme for you guys. We’ve already seen some great, original ideas, which I love. This one’s a hard one to call, but I’m going with #1. I like the concept a bit better, but #2 was really great as well. Nice work.

Result vs. Kelly Wells: LOSS (0-3)

Current Record: 9-6

I worked my ass off on this one, but I’m still not even sure what the last line is supposed to mean. But it made several people laugh, so that’s all that matters.  I was just up against a great story this week. Only the second time I got swept.

Still, I made the playoffs!  I am the sixth seed and will be facing Christina Pepper, who swept me all the way back in week 2.

One thought on “Play With The Prose II, Challenge 15: Christmas Carol Ghosts”

  1. Pepper’s one hell of a tough draw. There’s no easy road to the end of this thing (which is one reason I was fine with eight in the playoffs; it was so stacked again).

    The Swayze line was probably the weakest part, and since it’s at the end, maybe that has some bearing on how it went over. The Christina Ricci line is definitely a keeper. I love that movie with nary a hint of irony, by the way.

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