Searching for Troggles

Death By Troggles has now been around for almost a year and a half, and while most of my site visitors are still people I know, people are starting to get to my site through some bizarre search engine terms. Here are my favorites:

weather girl brii los angeles

I wrote a story about a vapid weather girl who is willing to eat Milk-Bones for a story and I intentionally borrowed the name of a Los Angeles weather girl because it fit the story. From the looks of the other sites that popped up with this search, most people type this into a search engine to read lists of the “hottest weather girls” or something. I can only hope Bri was the one who typed this and she misspelled her name.

episode where counselor troi gets horney

That episode would be Man of the People, so I guess this person got what they were looking for. I just love that Troi’s randy state was what triggered their memory and that even though they can’t spell it still got them the right answer.

february 21 2012 4.20 am

This is a bizarre search term anyway, but the post that it brought this person to was episode 4.20 of TNG that I posted on February 21st, 2012. I couldn’t have been anything close to what they were looking for

troggles down on me

Aww, the troggles love everybody. Munch, munch.

softball, so what? amazonia

I have no idea

klonopin suicide afterlife

That’s awfully specific research

survivor fuck you marcus

So apparently there is a forum called “Survivor Sucks” and there’s a post therein titles “Fuck you, Marcus.” Well, in one of my Survivor writing entries, someone says that line as well.  Awesome.

sub rosa orgasm and work fucking k’ehleyr

I heard somewhere that the internet was created because of Star Trek and pornography. So there we go.

being intubated and diapered fetishism punishment

for the record, I’m the first result for this search because I have one page that has the words “fetish, diaper, being, intubate, and punishment” though certainly not in this order. Sheesh.

recent deaths due to devils

I hope my site helped.

50 reasons why i love you for sex

Easily the most popular post on my site is the only personal one, “50 reasons why I love my mother.” This is the funniest way someone got there.

picard saying engage mother fucker

Make it so!

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