51: Glass Houses (Billy Joel)

Album: Glass Houses
Artist: Billy Joel
Year: 1980

1. You May Be Right
2. Sometimes a Fantasy
3. Don’t Ask Me Why
4. It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me
5. All for Leyna
6. I Don’t Want to Be Alone
7. Sleeping With the Television On
8. C’etait Toi (You Were the One)
9. Close to the Borderline
10. Through the Long Night

The album cover has Billy Joel ready to throw a rock through a glass house, and appropriately, the first song starts with the sound of glass breaking. Makes sense after all these years!

Don’t Ask Me Why is my favorite BJ song. The rhyme scheme is delicious and I love singing along to it. I’m also fan of the stylings of You May Be Right (I mayyy be craaaaazy!) and Sleeping With the Television On. All for Leyna is a good rocker. C’etait Toi is pretty. There are no out and out duds on the album, though they’re not all strong.

I don’t mind it per se, but I’m pretty over It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me. Not only are the lyrics dated, but I just don’t care for the melody. I Don’t Want to Be Alone and Close to the Borderline don’t do much for me either, but they’re fine filler.

The final song, Through the Long Night sounds just like something Paul McCartney would have released around the white album years. It’s a departure from most of Joel’s ballads and it’s a great way to end my favorite BJ album.

3 thoughts on “51: Glass Houses (Billy Joel)”

  1. Everyone I knew had Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits albums, so I really never knew which songs came from which studio albums. This one sounds pretty good. “Don’t Ask Me Why” is probably top-tier for me as well, and though I didn’t think about it until you said it, the rhyme scheme is probably a huge part of that.

  2. Certainly a strong album. Don’t Ask Me Why is very listenable and You May Be Right is always a blast to sing along with. Though I think I’d still put the album below An Innocent Man and The Stranger.

    1. I might put it below The Stranger depending on my mood, but of all the singles on An Innocent Man, the only I like is The Longest Time. I intensely dislike Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It ain’t far behind.

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