50: Thinkin’ About You (Trisha Yearwood)

Album: Thinkin’ About You
Artist: Trisha Yearwood
Year: 1995

1. Thinkin’ About You
2. XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl)
3. You Can Sleep While I Drive
4. The Restless Kind
5. On a Bus to St. Cloud
6. Fairytale
7. Those Words We Said
8. O Mexico
9. I Wanna Go Too Far
10. Til I Get It Right

Thinkin’ About You is a pretty uneven album, but deserves its spot in the top fifty thanks to featuring two of my favorite songs.

Before she married Garth, Trisha had a pretty successful solo career, though not because of me. Of the five songs that were released on this album, my two favorites are the two that charted the worst. I Wanna Go Too Far was a top ten hit and I still don’t understand it.

The title track is pretty unmemorable but Trish sings it really well. You Can Sleep While I Drive is a gorgeous cover of a Melissa Etheridge song, and one I often rock my baby to sleep singing. On a Bus to St. Cloud got more play in my area than most of the country because of the local connection. It’s about a lover committing suicide and is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. As for the rest of the album, the standouts are the melodically relaxing Fairytale and O Mexico.


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