License Plate Countdown

While I was driving a few weeks ago I saw an out-of-state licensed plate and my first thought was, “Wow, that’s hideous.”  I had never really considered the art and design that goes into creating a license plate, but after taking a look at what each state’s plate looks like, there’s definitely a significant discrepancy between the best and the ones that looked like they were done in Microsoft Word with Clip Art by an intern with an axe to grind.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be examining five plates per day, starting with number fifty and working our way up. I didn’t anguish much over these rankings, so if you’re annoyed your state ranks lower than you think it should, then I did my job.

One thought on “License Plate Countdown”

  1. well, this is definitely one of your more unusual lists! Looking fwd to your comments. Hey, Luke would like making that kind of list, only he’d probably be listing the best to worst depending on the combination of letters/numbers on the license plates.

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