License Plates: 45-41

45: West Virginia

I appreciate how clean and easy to read this plate is, but that’s about it. The colors look like what the losers in the marching band lottery got stuck with. There’s nothing separating the first and second halves of the plate number, so the big white space looks like an accident. And that slogan sounds like it was ripped from a soft-core romance novel.

44: California

I think everyone recognizes this plate from TV and movies, and I’m sure many Californians would defend it. But it doesn’t do anything for me. Nothing on here says anything about California. My complaints about the color red and cursive still stand, and the plate number would be very difficult to memorize.

43: Virginia

See my complaints about California. It ranks higher because there’s no red and the plate would be easier to memorize thanks to the letters and numbers being separated cleanly.

42: Michigan

Much like Maryland, I would probably rank this higher if it weren’t for the pointless, obtrusive URL at the bottom. If I had a Michigan plate I would get a plate cover, which doesn’t speak to its design.  The rest I’m fine with, though it’s a little bare bones.

41: Oregon

I like having the evergreen tree in the middle, and including the Rockies is fine as well. But it looks the Easter Bunny threw up all over this. Get a better color palette and this could be top 20 for me.

4 thoughts on “License Plates: 45-41”

  1. Beau obviously failed his geography class. Those are the Cascades in Oregon, not Rockie Mountains. Also yesterday I am pretty sure those were cattails on the NC plate, not wheat.

  2. Heh, I was going to mention the Cascades too.

    I don’t mind WV. I assume the colors were chosen because of WVU. It’s not a special plate, but probably middling.

    I always sorta liked Oregon, but I can’t really agree with your humorous assessment. I may just have gotten used to it; in Washington, I saw them all the time.

  3. I am commenting on your comments on West Virginia license plate. The first thing that came to my mind was Andy Rooney! Sounds like something he would say on 60 minutes, if he was reviewing this license plate. :}

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