License Plates: 5-1

5. Oklahoma

The archer is a bit showy, but I still like it anyway. I love the font for the state’s name. I actually think the red works here. Everything fits snugly on the plate. No extra space, but it’s not too busy.

4. Nevada

While this isn’t my favorite depiction of the mountains, the overall presentation is great. The state’s name rests on top of the mountains like it owns them. The colors are easy on the eyes. I’m glad they don’t reference casinos or anything trite.

3: North Dakota

The font for the slogan is a bit crazy, and the drawings seem a bit stenciled, but I love the color scheme and the theme.

2. Maine

“Vacationland” sounds a bit presumptuous, which is the main reason this isn’t in the top spot. Otherwise, it’s the perfect plate. Huge font makes it easy to read, the forest is drawn perfectly in the background, and this is easily the best looking bird we’ve seen. The pine cone is a nice touch as well.

1. Wyoming

Holy mackerel is this gorgeous. This has to be either a photo of the Rockies or a great painting. Either way, this really sells the beauty of the state. Every single thing about this plate is perfect. No cheesy slogan, county, or web address. The numbers are huge. The state’s name is prominently displayed. And the silhouette of the cowboy makes a great divider and is the perfect symbol for the state. It’s a shame there’s only 28 cars in Wyoming, but at least they get to proudly display the country’s best license plate.

8 thoughts on “License Plates: 5-1”

  1. Wyoming is the most beautiful state, too. Driving through it, every view is photo-worthy and there are practically no billboards raping the state’s natural beauty. I consider it a shame I’ve only gotten to drive through it a couple of times.

  2. I have to agree with your #1 choice, Beau, very nice license plate. And LOL that there are only 28 cars in Wyoming to display it!

  3. Maryland changed their license plate recently. It was probably about two years ago, but the one you have on this list isn’t the newest. I demand you redo the entire list. :P

      1. Aye. Upset they don’t get Congressional representation, yet Congress is their governing body, that’s what they went with. They tried to get it for their quarter too, but the Mint wouldn’t let ’em.

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