Best Moments of Lost: 8, 7

8. Locke’s Fall

Episode: The Man From Tallahassee (3×13)

The show had teased for a long time with the when and how of Locke getting paralyzed us. Getting hit by a car in the parking lot was a lame “ah, gotcha” moment where he turned out to be fine. I had a pretty good feeling his father was going to be responsible somehow, but when it happened, I was still taken by surprise.

7. Charlie’s Greatest Hit

Episode: Greatest Hits (3×22)

Oh, Charlie. He was mildly interesting in the first season, but after 36 flashbacks about him being a heroin addict (yeah, we get it) and his bizarre, short-lived turn into Evil Charlie (via attacking Sun and stealing Aaron), I was tired of him. But once Desmond pegged him as walking dead, he finally got the treatment he deserved. In this episode, the flashbacks detail the highlights from Charlie’s life. They’re bittersweet, and a bit sentimental, but I got a little choked up at the end. Either way, his greatest hit is way better than “You Are Everybody.”

4 thoughts on “Best Moments of Lost: 8, 7”

  1. You nailed Charlie. The fact that this (and the final season, in which I liked him) was the last we saw of him helped erase so much of his general uselessness in the first couple seasons. Greatest Hits was one of my favorite episodes.

    1. Yup, my thoughts exactly. With Greatest Hits, everyone involved finally “got” Charlie just long enough to send him to a fitting end (well… as fitting as dying at the hand of the Rasputian Mikhail could be, anyway).

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