Best Moments of Lost: 6, 5

6. Mr. Eko Saves His Brother

Episode: The 23rd Psalm (2×10)

Of the new characters introduced from the tail section, Mr. Eko was easily the best. We first saw him chasing Jin back to the beach on a rampage. We then learn that he’s a quiet, introspective man who has the most compassion amongst Ana Lucia’s crew. We know he’s capable of great love and also great violence. But it’s not until this episode we find out why.


5. Waaaaalllllltttt!!!

Episode: Exodus, Part 2 (1×24)

I watched Lost well after all six seasons had aired. I knew virtually nothing about it other than how long it went on. But that was enough for me to know that there was no way in hell that the raft was ever going to reach rescuers. My prediction was that they’d wind up back on the beach, despite never changing direction, due to some bizarre forces that separate the island from the rest of the Earth. I did not expect The Others, assuming they were stranded on the island just like everyone else, to have a boat.

Michael had slowly become a sympathetic character by the end of season one, and his strengthening relationship with Walt was a joy to see. And then Tom Friendly kills it.

“Only the thing is, we gonna have to take the boy.”

2 thoughts on “Best Moments of Lost: 6, 5”

    1. Yeah. He gave that scene all of its gravitas.

      When the finale ended, Linds turned to me, stared for a couple seconds, then shouted “WHERE’S WAAAAAAAAALT??”

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