2013 in review AND the All New DbT!

2013 was another successful here for the Troggles. Despite a baby muncher entering the picture, the Troggles continue to pump out daily posts as well as tripling their subscribers. And to kick-off 2014, they completely redesigned the site!


  • I wanted multiple posts visible at a time for those who don’t come every day or have an RSS feed. With pictures for each post, I think you’ll find it more attractive.
  • We couldn’t help but keep the white text, but at least now it’s on a gray background rather than black!
  • You’ll notice there’s no sidebar on the main page. No worries. If you click on any individual post, the sidebar will appear.
  • I realize the top menu is not symmetrical. Unfortunately, I cannot change this unless I upgrade to a paid site. Maybe someday.

Below is the annual report regarding the site. Enjoy and feel free to comment on the site redesign too!

Here’s an excerpt:

Your most commented on post in 2013 was Andy & Lana Wachowski

These were your 5 most active commenters:

Click here to see the complete report.

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