Ranking Every Turn-Based RPG I’ve Played

From approximately 1989 to 2004, I was an ardent fan of role-playing games. I loved the relatively low-stress engine that didn’t require me to mash buttons on my controller, and I also loved entering names of me and my friends in the roles of the heroes (and occasionally, a love interest). I eventually lost interest in modern RPGs, partially due to their size and endless sidequests, but mostly due to getting older and preferring casual games. Now that I have a family, I can’t see myself dedicating the time it takes to win an RPG. So this list may wind up being static.

As mentioned in the title, this list will only include turn-based RPGs. This is opposed to RPGs that require some dexterity with hand-to-hand combat, like Zelda and Secret of Mana.

It looks like I have played 21 of these games, for the NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Playstation. Tomorrow we’ll start with #21.

4 thoughts on “Ranking Every Turn-Based RPG I’ve Played”


    I’m sure I’ve played most of what’s to come, outside of Dragon Warrior games, which I have bizarrely never played.

    I’m not sure you’ve missed much by chucking RPGs around 2004. They’ve attempted to make them more accessible, which has dumbed them down both in story and in gameplay. You can spend hundreds of hours on Final Fantasy XIII and, if you don’t feel like paying much attention, you’ll never even know the weak spots of the enemies, nor will you need to.

    1. The problem of turn-based games is that if you just build up enough levels or find enough awesome equipment, you can often bypass strategy if you’re patient enough. Modern games just seem to make that decision easier.

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