Jim Croce

Date of Death: September 20, 1973
Age: 30
Cause of Death: Plane Crash

The only person on the list to die before I was born. My father had told me multiple times the story about how he had tickets to see Croce in concert shortly before his plane crashed. It never hit me until I actually listened to his albums just a couple of years ago. His voice was smooth as silk and he was a master folk lyricist. He said he was retiring after that tour, so perhaps we never would have had more Croce albums to listen to, but somehow I doubt it.

One thought on “Jim Croce”

  1. Ah, the man who never passed age thirty but never looked younger than thirty.

    I went a lot of years not knowing that Croce was dead. It was a weird mix of emotions when I found out. It felt dumb to be sad about it since I was negative four years old when it had happened twenty years earlier or so.

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