Publisher: Freeware
Developer: Legend
Year: 1998
Platform: DOS

I’m stretching this by calling it an adventure game, as it is more of an edutainment title.  But it was developed by Legend Entertainment and written by Bob Bates, so I’m going with it. This game is actually an ethics training program designed by the U.S. Government and used as an ethical training tool for its employees. As it was fully funded by the government, the game is freeware, and worth a play by anyone who is interested in ethics.

Basically, you can choose one of several career paths in different fields for the government. You answer phones, faxes, and do work at your desk while being faced with ethical dilemmas constantly. You are given multiple options when faced with each dilemma and after you select one you are immediately told how ethical the decision was and also shown the statute that gives the guidelines. If you do well enough you will earn a promotion and may be given the option to take a job in the private sector. Do poorly and you will be asked to start over.

It is fairly easy to advance (it helps that I also have a code of ethics as a social worker), and each game takes less than an hour to play. The writing is solid, the graphics are pleasant, and it is easy to learn and retain the information provided. The government made an excellent choice in developers for this training exercise.

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