Minnesota Sports: Top 16 Calls

I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and have followed our sports teams pretty closely. I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of Twins game and I’ve been a pretty regular fan of the Wild. I can’t see myself watching football anymore, but for a while there I watched closely. And while generally I would prefer to watch most sports without any commentary at all, every once in a while an announcer can elevate what I’m already seeing. And, of course, some radio personalities knock it out of the park as well. For the next few weeks I’ll relive some moments that still give me chills to this day.

Note on the Timberwolves and other Minnesota Sports: While I’ve never been a big basketball fan, my favorite announcer of all-time might be Kevin Harlan. Unfortunately, there’s a dearth on the internet of any calls Harlan made while he was with the home team. And I’ve never really been into college sports, so if there’s a great call out there, I’m sure I missed it.

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