Original Theme Song: 2, 1

2. Dallas

Composer: Jerrold Immel

I have never watched one second of Dallas. I don’t even remember who shot J.R. But man oh man had I been about 13 years old when this show debut and heard this theme song, there is zero chance I wouldn’t have watched it.

1. WKRP in Cincinnati

Composer: Tom Wells and Hugh Wilson

Artist: Steve Carlisle

I think I just love songs about radio stations. I also really dig WOLD by Harry Chapin.

So what original theme songs did I miss?

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Song: 2, 1”

  1. That Dallas theme is dynamite. I didn’t even think about it, but I should have.

    Before starting the WKRP theme, I couldn’t think of how it sounded. Even upon listening to it, it wasn’t familiar, as I never really saw the show. It caught me about a minute in, and had me hooked by the end. Infectious, but not annoying. Tightrope walk, that.

  2. I love the Dallas theme song, but then, I loved that show . . . back in the era when night time soap operas were prime viewing. My other favorite evening soap at the time was Knots Landing. That had a great theme song, too, in fact I like it better than the Dallas one, you might want to check it out. Dallas and Knots Landing shared characters over the years, as they were “family related.”

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