14. Moss’N’Moe Toss’N’Go

Game: Vikings v. Broncos
Date: October 19, 2003
Announcer: Paul Allen

After the demoralizing NFC title losses in 1998 and 2000 I didn’t care about the Vikings this year, despite their 6-0 start. But I was watching this game. And oh man, what a play.

I don’t really care for Paul Allen the radio program host. But he’s really a superb play-by-play guy. No matter how bad the Vikings are, he announces every play with energy, and he genuinely gets excited if the team does anything well. Whenever an awesome play would happen that I’d catch on TV, I’d try to find Allen’s radio call later. He usually doesn’t disappoint.


One thought on “14. Moss’N’Moe Toss’N’Go”

  1. Oh, hell yeah. PA is an awesome radio announcer. I always know what’s up and his emotion is perfect.

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