13. The Cardinals Have Knocked The Vikings…

Game: Vikings @ Cardinals
Date: December 28, 2003
Announcer: Paul Allen

As I mentioned yesterday, despite the 6-0 start, I was not caring about the Vikings in 2003. So when they needed to fend off the lowly Cardinals to make the playoffs in the season’s final weeks I was pretty much rooting for a loss. This is the only moment on the list that wound up being something bad for a Minnesota team. Dare I say it’s the best call ever at the end of a Minnesota loss.

In fact, this moment is so famous that it was immortalized in Tecmo Super Bowl.


3 thoughts on “13. The Cardinals Have Knocked The Vikings…”

      1. I agree.

        Not sure if I’ve mentioned this at WGOM (or if you’ve ever noticed) but the worst team that year was actually a four-way tie with a 4-12 record.

        All four beat the Vikings.

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