Reindeer Games

Year: 2000
Director: John Frankenheimer

Summary:  The film enters the colorful and conniving world of lowlife criminals scheming to turn a straightened ex-con crooked again.

Times Watched: 1

My Experience: Coincidentally, this was another free VHS I got from the video store I worked at., you’re a sly one. Anyway, this is pretty much a terrible movie that is nevertheless entertaining if you shut your brain down. Frankenheimer does well with this overwrought, overly talky script that doesn’t even pretend to make sense. The actors do their best, especially Theron and Sinise, trying really hard to be sincere with terrible lines. Is it just me or is Gary Sinise on the leaderboard for ratio of good actors in terrible movies?

One thought on “Reindeer Games”

  1. Yes, Sinise is horrible at picking films to do. He’s not an elite actor, but he’s a decent one, and I wish I could see him in better fare.

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