Paranormal Activity

Year: 2009
Director: Oren Peli

Summary: A happy, carefree couple is haunted by a demonic spirit.

Times Watched: 1

My Experience: Saw this in a theater with the same friends I saw Quarantine with. We were not as impressed. The amateur actors are pretty decent at making this seem like a documentary, and the special effects were generally above average, but I just didn’t get the willies. Maybe it’s the “pretending this is found footage” thing that turned me off, or maybe I just don’t care about ghosts.

6 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity”

  1. This movie is quite polarizing, it seems. I happened to very much enjoy the first two movies, with the last two going significantly downhill.

    It all seems to hinge on whether or not you can suspend disbelief and let yourself get sucked into the mood that the movies create. That’s obviously true of most movies, but especially these. If you can, they’re fun little creepshows, if you can’t, they’re unspeakably boring.

    1. The first half was more compelling for me, because it didn’t seem manipulative. The last 15 minutes were…I don’t know. Like it was closing in on slasher flick.

    2. I’ve never seen any of them and I never will because of the “hidden camera in the theater” type previews. I despise that sort of marketing (hi Pizza Hut!).

      1. Yeah, those were ultra lame and kept me from watching them for a while. I’ve been in plenty of creepy movies, and no one in the crowd has ever jumped like they do in those previews, much less everyone in the theater.

  2. Really? This warrants the most comments?

    I haven’t seen this. Fake Found Footage has bored me to tears before, so I’ll probably never bother again. Also, I can’t get scared of ghosts. The only horror movies that really scare me are ones I believe could happen.

    1. If you aren’t into fake found footage, there’s definitely no reason to check this out.

      The gimmick gets hilarious by the third and fourth movie, though. In the fourth, the main girl is recording it all on a laptop and a smart phone, and places and situations she is willing to bring that equipment to are…fairly unbelievable.

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