Just Like Heaven

Year: 2005
Directory: Mark Waters

Summary: Elizabeth Masterson, a dedicated doctor in San Francisco, had almost no time for anything. When her sister with two kids set her up on a date, she gets into a tragic car crash and gets in a coma. Meanwhile, an artist named David Abbott moves into San Francisco and coincidentally, into Elizabeth’s apartment for rent. While at the apartment, Elizabeth’s spirit haunts him…

Times Watched: 1

My Experience: This was on in the background last year while I was doing something. I dunno. Both Witherspoon and Ruffalo seem to be going through the motions. Every moment of this is predictable, inoffensive. There are a few funny moments thanks to Jon Heder, but the movie takes itself too seriously near the end. The dramatic moments feel as empty as the characters.

2 thoughts on “Just Like Heaven”

  1. Jon Heder is in that? Huh.

    This is one of those movie covers I could see a million times and still never remember because it looks so completely generic. Both those actors shouldn’t be wasted in this kind of fare. Save this crap for the Kate Hudsons and John Cusacks.

    1. I was going to comment on how awful the cover art is for this. It could literally be the cover for every rom-com ever.

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