18. If This World Is a Lonely Place For You…

Okay, so Kefka *SPOILER* pretty much just destroyed the world. Now what?

Clearly, now you fight Luna Wolves and Rukhs… all by your damned lonesome.

The change in the overworld theme from the optimistic sounding “Terra” that scored the first half of the game gives way to the ominous sound “Dark World”. The MIDI even has a bitter wind sound effect ripping through it, as if to underscore the fact that this place sucks. Huge props to Nobuo Uematsu for having the pulse of the storyline and being able to wrest emotion out of simple MIDI sequencing.

It just makes the eventual transition into the much more hopeful third overworld theme “Searching For Friends” after you find the Falcon that much more satisfying.

2 thoughts on “18. If This World Is a Lonely Place For You…”

  1. The music of FF6 will always hold a special place in my heart! But I should point out that the SNES didn’t use MIDI, but was more like a MOD file, playing recorded digital samples at varying pitches. Not a huge differences. Also, I’m thrilled to see where this list is going to take us!

    1. Yeah, I thought about going into the differences between the two, and almost just called it “sequenced music” (which in hindsight, I probably should have), but yeah – technically not MIDI.

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