3. Opera house

There is nothing more to be said about the Opera House, is there?

You don't really even need this screenshot. The one in your head will suffice.
You don’t really even need this screenshot. The one in your head will suffice.

I just checked the Internet, and I’ve come to the conclusion that no, there is nothing new to say about the damn Opera House. It’s probably the second most famous Final Fantasy moment, and it’s known as 16-bit gaming’s “big” gaming scene. It’s obviously overrated, right?

I would argue otherwise. People talk about how cinematic it is, but it is. Other than an honest to god opera (a real one. one that can actually be performed without seeming too kitschy), so you remember how much crazy stuff happens in this little scene?

Ultros attacks, Setzer comes to…abduct the female lead? The impresario keeps his cool, and (possibly my favorite less-than-obvious part) the conductor leads the hell out of the orchestra (the depth effects that they play with for the orchestra pit are some of the best graphics that 16-bit gaming has to offer.

Not so overrated, after all...
Not so overrated, after all…

4 thoughts on “3. Opera house”

  1. The scene, like so many before it, is certainly out of place in a world where swords are still the dominate weapon of choice to kill stray cats, but dammit, if it isn’t amazing!

    1. It really is, though if the stray cats around here could put me in the hospital using catscratch like the ones in FFVI, I might carry a sword as well.

      I always found it funny that Celes was just able to hop right in for Maria. It’s like “hey person I just met, you look kind of like Adele. She’s feeling a bit under the weather, so would you mind going out there and belting out “Someone Like You”?”

  2. Aeris’s death was certainly a bigger moment, but polygon death isn’t quite as traumatizing as sprite death.

  3. I always kept a gamesave right before the opera house. And God, I love that goofy conductor.

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