Fictional TV Show Countdown

I love exhaustive lists. There’s nothing more agonizing than doing a countdown like “Top 100 songs of all-time!” when you’ve literally only heard one millionth of one percent of all the songs of all-time. Obviously, I haven’t seen every TV show of all-time. But at least if I rank every show I’ve ever seen, it can be judged on its own merits. No one can come by and say, “How did you possibly rank Saved By The Bell ahead of The Wire?” Well, I’ve never seen The Wire. And you’ll know that because it ain’t on the list. Hopefully someday.

So this list will be comprised of every fictional TV show that I’ve seen enough of to feel comfortable ranking. Here are some examples of what won’t make the list:

1) Non-fiction Shows. Example: Late Night with Craig Ferguson
2) Game Shows. Example: Win Ben Stein’s Money
3) Shows I’ve seen a few episodes of but not enough to decide how I feel about it. Example: The X-Files

I’m finishing up the list, but it’s going to be somewhere between 90-100 I think. The wife and I binge-watch Netflix regularly, so there’s always a chance we find a show during the countdown I want to rank. In that case, I’ll squeeze it in if possible. See ya Monday with a really terrible show.

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