Play With The Prose 7, Challenge 7: Dean Carlson

This week we had to write about an adult who never grew up. Of course I decided to take that literally.

“What would you say if I told you we have the gun and that your fingerprints are all over it?” Lieutenant Carey knew that Detective Walz had no such thing, but it was amazing how often that worked.

“I would say,” replied Lonnie, “that I was in my house that night playing Candy Crush Soda Saga and that you are a lying sack of shit.”

“Fuck you!” yelled Walz. He was leaning over the desk, breathing rapidly. He rarely lost his cool.

“Can I…?” asked Carey. Walz gestured with an open hand. “Okay, Lonnie. This one’s tough. Are you ready?”

Lonnie just smiled.

“The year is 1986. You’re six years old. You can’t find your Teddy Ruxbin. You go into your parents bedroom to ask them if they’ve seen it. “Dance the Night Away” is playing on the radio. Your mom is leaning over the bed. Your dad is behind her. She looks like she might be in pain, but you can’t tell. What do you say?”

Lonnie started to answer, then stopped. His eyebrows furled and his eyes squinted. “I would ask,” Lonnie said cautiously, “What’s a Teddy Ruxbin?”

“Book him, Captain,” Carey said. “We got ourselves an android.”

K: Did the android fail to recognize the toy because it was spelled “Ruxpin?” I always was a sucker for this concept, since as a kid I was fascinated by such stories; I remember reading about how Allies used the World Series to fetter out spies. Anyway, it reads a little too much like a gag and I wasn’t surprised that there was a twist ending, but it’s fun enough. BRONZE

CW: Well this certainly went somewhere different than I expected even if done in a way I didn’t particularly love. It was entertaining though at least and for that I’ll give you a BRONZE.

For those uninitiated, the movie Blade Runner tasks the blade runners in detecting androids who are bent on destroying humans. One of the ways they do that is through a series of questions, not unlike the interrogation above, bent on confusing or irritating the android so they reveal their true nature.

My weak score sends me down to fourth place for now, but my position is okay.

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