98. Saved By The Bell

Creator: Sam Bobrick
Years: 1989-1993

Picking on a teen comedy is like shooting babies in a barrel, but I’ll say this for Saved By The Bell. I watched it. Every freaking episode. If you note the years it ran, I was apparently prepubescent during that time, which gives me some relief. But rather than rip it apart for the awful acting and scripting and directing, I’ll spend my time talking about the reasons I didn’t rank it dead last.

1. Mark Paul Gosselaar is fun. His character isn’t that much different than most teenage boys (especially in 80’s sitcoms), but he has the ability to stop time and talk to the camera. I dreamed about having that ability.

2. The episodes of Good Morning Miss Bliss retroactively became Saved By The Bell episodes on syndication. They’re not official, I guess, but eff that. I like Hayley Mills, and the show had less slapstick. Dustin Diamond wasn’t being asked yet to torpedo his fragile self image.

3. The show is so wonderfully, earnestly bad at times that it has lived on in parody twenty-five years later.

4. I saw Patrick Thomas O’Brien (Mr. Dewey) in an awesome one-man play and met him. He’s one cool dude.

3 thoughts on “98. Saved By The Bell”

  1. I used to watch this show religiously from about third to fifth grade. They had hour long chunks of it every day after school. The reason I watched it can be summed up in a Futurama line: “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to feel ways about stuff.” Plus Kelly was hot. Real talk.

      1. Yeah, to hell with those white girls. Lark was the only thing I legitimately liked about the show.

        Leif and I used to get high, eat pizza and watch this after school. It was terrible, and like you said, earnestly so. We laughed.

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