41. Roseanne

Creator: Matt Williams
Years: 1988-1997

This sitcom annoyed me when I was young but it has grown on me as an adult. It’s nice to have a show where the women are center-stage, their appearance doesn’t matter, and they don’t need to be rescued. I’m guessing Roseanne’s sharp banter was funnier back in the 80’s, but it still ain’t bad now. Goodman is excellent as the father.

I’ll never forget the episode where the group of guys finds out Leon (played by the delightful Martin Mull) is gay.

Chuck: W-W-Well, y-y-you know, um, I-I-I know a gay guy. I, uh, his name’s Bill. H-H-He lives in Chicago. M-M-Maybe you know him?

Leon: Yeah, yeah, sure I know him. From Chicago. Gay Bill.

Dan: Smooth, Chucky.

Chuck: What? Nobody else was sayin’ anything!

2 thoughts on “41. Roseanne”

  1. I like what I’ve seen of this show, but didn’t give it enough of a shot at the time because of Roseanne herself takes some getting used to. It’s streaming somewhere so maybe I’ll get around to it at some point. I do remember the final story arc, with the unrealistic heaping of good fortune, which all ends up being a defense mechanism because nobody wants to think about Dan’s death.

    I still think it’s one of the most brilliant and daring arcs on sitcom TV.

    1. At the time everyone was like, “It was all a dream? What a cop out!” But now that I’m older, I also see its brilliance. Especially since it obviously was intentional from the beginning of the season and not a deus ex machina because the show was being cancelled early or something.

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