22. Key & Peele

Creator: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele
Years: 2012-2015

So here’s the second sketch-comedy show. Why don’t I have Kids in the Hall on this list? That’s a good question. I’m guessing if I did, I’d rank it around 40-50. I love those guys, but they got kind of samey for me. I should also probably watch more of Chapelle’s show.

Anyway, Key and Peele. This is my favorite sketch comedy show of all-time and I was sad to see them end the series this year. These guys have amazing chemistry and Jordan Peele has a gift for physical humor. Like all sketch comedy, there are some misses, and some of their funny bits go on way longer than they need to. But they do a great job at coming up with original ideas (Pussy on the Chainwax!).

Their most famous bits:

–Luther, Obama’s anger translator
–The black substitute teacher who can’t pronounce any white kid’s name right (A-A-Ron)
–The college pro-bowl lineups (Smoochie Wallace!)

There are so many more. While they occasionally dip into dark political satire, they mostly stick with light-hearted goofiness, or at most light satire. Very easy to digest. Even the bad skits are enjoyable just because these guys are so damn likable.

4 thoughts on “22. Key & Peele”

  1. I love Key and Peele. They have the perfect mix of poignant, witty, and absurd.

    This one isn’t one of the ones that people flock to, but it might be my favorite few minutes of sketch comedy ever.

  2. I love every sketch I’ve seen of these guys, so it’s probably time to break down and watch the series. The text-message scene, where one misunderstands the other and thinks he wants to fight, had me rolling.

    1. Another favorite of mine is when they walk into a nice suburb where the zombie apocalypse has happened and they discover they’re safe because the zombies are afraid of black people.

      1. Just watched both of those. Hilarious. I definitely missed out during the show’s run even though, like Spooky, the sketches I’ve seen were all good.

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