12. The Simpsons

Creator: Matt Groening
Years: 1989–Present

Excuse the baseball reference, but The Simpsons reminds me of the career of Rickey Henderson. Very intriguing at first, but one-dimensional (the show’s about Bart). Then there’s a huge peak, with many seasons of excellence (the show’s about Homer). Then the end of the career is still fine, still worth being around, but also could retire at any time and nobody would be too disappointed. In other words, The Simpsons had a hall-of-fame career by season 7, added to its credentials for years, and now it’s coasting.

Speaking of baseball references, I’m Esteban Yan of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!  

While there are several episodes I adore, there are many many more where I maybe get one laugh out of the episode. Even then I enjoy having it on. It’s an incredibly comfortable show to have on in the background. It tastes like burning!

Some of you may feel the ranking is too low. You may be yelling Boo-urns! And that’s fine. This spot is right for me.



2 thoughts on “12. The Simpsons”

  1. Is this still my #1? I guess it might be, though it’s so hard to know where I should rank one of the only two comfort shows I’ve really ever had. I still laugh every time I watch it, even if I’ve seen the episode in question over twenty times (which is practically always the case),

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