9. Wonderfalls

Creator: Bryan Fuller, Todd Holland
Years: 2004

A great cancelled Bryan Fuller show before Pushing Daisies, his next great cancelled show. Like the latter, he uses a supernatural phenomenon affecting his primary character as his premise. A clinically depressed girl named Jaye suddenly finds that man-made items that look like animals begin speaking to her (e.g. ceramic cows, plastic pink flamingos), and that they give her cryptic advice that generally seems to improve her life or the life of someone else. It’s charming, hilarious, and was never given a chance, stuck in a Friday night time slot for four episodes (run out of order, no less) before being cancelled.

My wife and I got the full season, 14 episode DVD and burned through it in a few days. Caroline Dhavernas is very effective in the lead role, and the supporting cast is full of genuine comedic actors. Lee Pace is great as usual as is Diana Scarwid. Firefly fans may enjoy a few guest appearances by Jewel Staite as well.

4 thoughts on “9. Wonderfalls”

  1. My brother and I caught the first couple episodes of this and were pretty bummed went it got disappeared. I haven’t tracked it down, but given how much I liked the first couple of episodes, I really should.

      1. Then later you can loan the DVD to Grandma Peggy and Grandpa John . . . no rush, though, we still have several seasons of Breaking Bad to finish. John said he watched the first episode of Wonderfalls online on his computer, and he liked it, and said he thinks I’d like it, too.

  2. Argh…genius like Bryan Fuller will never be appreciated enough for a long series run. That’s so depressing.

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