2. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Creator: Gene Roddenberry
Years: 1987-1994

Not sure I’ve written enough yet about this show.

I can’t say this is the 2nd best show of all-time. I even pretty much dislike about 40% of the episodes. But the peak is super high, and I often listen to episodes on my MP3 player in the car just for comfort. Patrick Stewart is out of this world, and it’s pathetic he was never even nominated for an Emmy. In fact, he’s never won a major award in his life.

4 thoughts on “2. Star Trek: The Next Generation”

  1. Stewart was never nominated?! What the hell is that?

    That’s GOT to be related to the voters being afraid of rewarding a Star Trek show, right? Because it’s nerdy, or some such?


      1. You sure would. Well, whatever. He doesn’t come off as the type who’s overly concerned with that kind of thing.

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