I recently published the 1,000th post on this blog. I started this thing just over four years ago. Wasn’t married. No kid. Lived in a different city. I started this blog with an already written Star Trek episode countdown. I knew I wanted to write about other stuff being a child of the 80’s, hence the title of my blog. I didn’t know if I’d have this much inertia to keep it going. Thank you to my friends who still read this day in and day out and for the hundred or so strangers who have subscribed over the years. Here’s a sneak peak at some things I have in store for the year.

The Beatles Countdown: As you may have guessed, I love exhaustive lists. Then there’s no potential hand-wringing over what was left off. We’ll start the year with me counting down every Beatles song, from worst to best. I want to keep this exercise to about a month, and there are 215 songs, so I’m thinking each post will have about ten songs. That sounds about right. No need for page long articles for each entry; this ain’t Star Trek!

Other Music Countdowns: There are three other artists where I have already ranked all their songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn. I’m sure I’ll do at least one more this year, maybe more. I’m also a couple album listens away from doing the same for Ben Folds and Jenny Lewis and a few other artists. I’m starting with The Beatles, because everyone knows them. We’ll see how popular it is.

Best Interactive Fiction Games: Remember Zork? There’s an online community that has been making similar (and way, way, way better) text adventures since the 1990s. It used to be a huge hobby of mine, though I haven’t played much in the past ten years. However, I played a lot of amazing games and I should really make a list of them.

Good Smartphone Games: I don’t play smartphone games often, but when I do, I like playing good ones. And there are so many bad ones. I’m looking at you, free games that you can only win if you spend money after getting hooked. This list would probably only take a couple of weeks. Like I said, so many bad games. And I really don’t get the appeal of the tower defense genre.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Countdown: Really? Well, I hope so. Sad to say I’m still stuck in season five. But the good news is that I’ve already written up my reviews on the first three seasons. So if I can just finish the series off, I’ll get back to my roots.

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