Beatles Song Countdown

I fell in love with The Beatles in my mid 20’s, thirty-five years after they disbanded. Most of what I knew of them until then were catchy songs in commercials and the upbeat pop tunes from their early years I’d hear on KQQL. I was blown away when I actually got my hands on the albums and got to hear some of the darker stuff. They’re one of the few bands where I know every song. That said, they still had several flaws and most of the albums had crap filler. For the next month or two I’ll countdown all 215 songs they released together. I’m not going to discuss demos, extended jams, or much of the crap that was on the Anthology albums that are barely listenable other than as a curiosity. I will say, though, that Free As A Bird is a pretty decent song. Still not making this countdown. And while I enjoy Let It Be…Naked, my reviews of the songs will be what was commercially released before I was born. In other words, all of the major albums plus the non-album singles you can find on the Past Masters collection. If there were two versions of the same song that were released, I’ll pick the one I like better (e.g. Across the Universe). The one exception is Revolution and Revolution 1. Just cuz.

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