Smart Phone Games Worth Playing: Sometimes You Die

Year: 2014
Genre: Platformer
Platform: iOS, Android
Creator: Philipp Stollenmayer

Everything you need to know about this platformer can be learned from that picture. You control that block on the left with the arrow. On this particular screen, you have to get that block in the pit on the right. But you can’t actually jump that far. How do you get there? Well, sometimes you have to die, using your block corpses to get to where you need to go.

There’s sufficiently eerie music and the cryptic messages on each screen lend to the atmosphere. I wouldn’t actually call the game creepy, but it creates a mood for sure. The puzzles get more difficult as the game progresses, and the ending is fairly rewarding given the genre.

Right now the game would run you about two dollars, which is definitely worth the price of entry.


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