Deep Space Nine: Countdown

Eight years ago today I finished my countdown for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I promised many times I would eventually get to this one, and it’s finally happening.

It was much more difficult to rank these episodes than TNG. Primarily that’s because many of these episodes I’ve only seen once or twice, where as I had seen most episodes of TNG between three to ten times. Secondarily, the somewhat serialized nature of DS9 makes it harder to isolate my enjoyment of individual episodes apart from the longer story arc. Indeed, there were times I have combined more than one episode in a ranking if I felt they were too closely tied together to rank them individually. Other times, I ranked story arcs separately. I’d like to say there’s a perfect logic to it, but it’s more or less my whim.

I hope you enjoy my rankings and will share plenty of condescending and snarky comments along the way.

The worst episode of Deep Space Nine will be revealed on Monday.

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