162. The Muse (4.21)

Synopsis: A mysterious woman helps Jake write a novel; Lwaxana Troi, pregnant with a son, asks Odo to help her escape her husband.

Memory Alpha Summary: Worse than Scottish ghost sex

Review: Depressed Worf is the best.

Odo: Ahem
Lwaxana: Odo, would you like to join the party?
Odo: Actually, I have some free time, and was wondering if you would like to take a walk?
Worf: I would…

Unfortunately, that’s the best part.

Lwaxana Troi’s last episode, which is surprisingly sad. Surprising because the writers on DS9 figured out what to do with her character and make her sympathetic, and sad because what a shitshow of an episode to go out on. Odo and Troi have some nice moments together as they fumble through their fake wedding so she can save her baby and extricate herself from a society that would make a shah blush.

But the A-story is a goddamned nightmare. It’s obvious from her third sentence that Jake’s muse is up to no good, and the entire conflict is that she drains his life energy as he writes his novel. So all we get are a bunch of scenes with Jake writing, looking weak, and his muse whispering sweet-nothings and having psionic orgasms. Better than Meridian because the B-plot is tolerable. 

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