161. Q-Less (1.07)

Synopsis: Archaeologist Vash arrives from the Gamma Quadrant as Q plagues the station and an unknown force threatens to destroy it.

Memory Alpha Summary: Sometimes reunions are disappointing.

Review: I was originally excited to see an episode with Q, but Q-Less proved to be far worse than his worst episode on TNG.

His presence here is virtually pointless, as he neither helps nor hinders the station’s investigation into their own mysterious imminent destruction (which, of course, is staved with less than ten seconds to go). And of all the characters to bring over from TNG, Vash is not terribly interesting, more or less a human version of the Ferengi with no room for character growth.

Speaking of which, throwing in this lazy Q episode inhibits any serious character growth, which the show desperately needed at this point.

The only highlight of the episode was Q’s boxing match with Sisko. To wit:

Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me!
Sisko: I’m not Picard.

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